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Re: help

Depending on situation, in few different ways of leveling, warrior, rogue and ranger can all be the cheapest class, but eventually if u play smart enough, rogue can do the best.
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Re: help

While rangers are probably the cheapest of any class not needing any sort of potions and very little plat to level if specced correctly.
BUT it is at a huge cost to your DPS which means more lixes used to level up. Not to mention the gameplay is probably even more boring as you'll spend most of the time trying to stay alive by kiting and healing wasting valuable time.

Or you could just made a rouge/warr and have great DPS + survivability at the same time :|

For the other two classes druid and mage, the cheapest *cough*most expensive*cough* out of those two is a whole different debate for another day :lol:
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