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Re: **ALERT** iOS Server Downtime

restart- you press restart button and servers restarting, it means going down and going up so fast how software reloads
server goin down- we turn servers off and they will be down since we have done all we need and turning servers up again, we have no clue how much time we need for it, and dear players, its nice wen you check server status after every 6 h

how about name things with right?
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Re: **ALERT** iOS Server Downtime

Hi Hero,

Completely understand, and we're very sorry for this downtime. We had actually intended it to be a restart - as you mention - simple up and down, however, just as we were about to, it came to light that there was a more pressing bug that needed a vital fix. As such, the team have all hands on deck fixing this as I type. Unfortunately, this means there is currently no ETA just yet as this fix needs to be implemented before the servers can be brought back up.
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Re: **ALERT** iOS Server Downtime

Back in the day, when we camped Falgren, we would always say in clan chat, "what's ETA?" and people would answer " :30 or :45" for example. It didn't matter the hour because we were on different timezone, but the fixed spawn helped us all coordinate and login and get ready at that specific ETA rather than camping hours on end.
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