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What will fish be for?

I just thought for a second, once the fishing skill is implemented what do we do with the fish? Turn them in for combat xp? Eat them as potions like fettle caps, turn them in for better fishing poles? Is there going to be a fish shop that we buy fishing equipment with the amount of fish we have?

Re: What will fish be for?

In the old days, you can use fish to barter for items, so there will be a fish luxury trader and you can buy lux items with 100,000 fish.

jk :lol: We don't know yet how fishing will fit in here. It may just be a pasttime for people who don't like fighting and camping and just stand by the docks, sip some ale and fish.

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Re: What will fish be for?

Probably gonna be consumables that give temporary bonuses to various things such as stats, or even replenish hp/energy. Maybe they can also have a very rare golden fish that can be sold to vendor for 1mil.
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Re: What will fish be for?

Raw fish as consumables? lmao nty. I would prefer to have it kinda like a rarity scale, with the most common fish going 1, 2 or 5 gold each, while the rarest could go for 50k. With better fishing rods increasing your chance to catch fish, or rarer fish.
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Re: What will fish be for?

I personally hope it will be used as ingredient for crafting. Finally a way to create our own energy potions. Or just completely remove potions from the game.

Also I hope we get a fishing catalog where we can complete a list. Some fish only come in certain area's or even in certain times of the day / time of the year.
Oh Bug catching. Please reffer to the genius game Animal Crossing. <3

Some funny quests can be done with fishing as well. Think off: fishing competitions and lure the bears that terrorize the village out of theor cave with a pile of fish. (Group event maybe) the more fish collected the stronger / more bears come out. Better drops. (Dynamic level scaling.) :)
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Re: What will fish be for?

catch fish for selling or craft it for portion
different kind of fish according to rarity(common,rare,very rare,horroblily rare ) which is directly proportional to the cost of the fish in vendor
and better items while crafting
it would be fun to group with frens n clannies n fish :D

Re: What will fish be for?

We can train the fish to fight for us...of course they will be useless till level 50, but afterwards they will be awesome!

Seriously though...
Fishing should be used for cooking various kinds of meat which recover health/energy much like the Blackstone or Refreshing spring water. Depending on the meat quality, we get little to lots of life.

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