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Re: Im a little confused...

Never heard of dry barring, but grinding is essentially doing the same thing for long, extended periods of time. The ONLY ways to level in this game are killing specific mobs within your level range over and over until you move to the next spot, or daily quests. That's grinding.
Making money is also a grind in this game because the most common ways to do it are either killing mobs over and over again "farming" or killing bosses over and over again. There are other ways like merchanting or dicing but those are riskier. Until they add horizontal content the game is pretty much just one long grind to lvl 220+ it's not as bad at first but it only gets worse as you progress

Re: Im a little confused...

Pretty sure on these...

Grinding is just referring to killing to level rather than questing. Since CH doesn't have much exp giving quests, grinding (lix or no lix) is the only option.

Dry barring is not something I have used but it probably refers to grinding WITHOUT lix. Dry barring: increasing experience bars without elixers which are liquid which are wet, hence you are dry. Lol?

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Re: Im a little confused...

Have played numerous amounts of mmos. And what i have seen is that Grinding is when you are killing for exp, lix or no lix. ur putting in the hard labour meant to level. If u are killing for money then u are farming. If you are killing a boss that requires more thwn a handful of people to kill,you are bossing. 15 years of mmos and ive never heard of dry barring.
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