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spawn rate and drops

So apparently spawn rate has been increased, great! But what makes the difference if every time the spawn is a ph? Seriously?? Been killing nothing but phs...only for them to respawn in the wonderful 10% increase...seems it was made to be even more of an annoyance...you get a faster rate of phs!!!! Also, I understand that all boss drops are luck of the draw (especially with all the phs) but why is it that every drop for rogue from meteor so far to DL is like a godly drop??? I understand there's a lot of rogues but foreal? U can be a lvl 180+ rogue and lvl 2 more 180 plus toons whether it be druid mage ranger or warrior and get full DL before ur rogue gets gloves that's if u can even get a drop other than a gem!!

Re: spawn rate and drops

Agreed. We all knew rogues are overpopulated in all servers but already purple drop rates are absurd in Fingal server and this increased ph spawn just make it worse. Not a lot of person has time to scout/camp every hour and when they do seeing a ph smiling isn't the best feeling. Hoping OTM for Android fix this soon
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Re: spawn rate and drops

I agree on this. The percentage of a rogue class dl item dropping vs other classes us extremely low. Out of the last 41 dl boss kills, we had 3 that were purple and 2 of those were gems from a 160 and 165.

The other thing is gems should not drop from anything higher than a 155.
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