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Re: Aye, wut da hell doe.

TehGuyGaming wrote:Isn't an evil queen mentioned somewhere in the Questline that lives on a different island?

Yeah man, wasn't that from update 2, when u arrive on the shore. Can't remember, been awhile
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Re: Aye, wut da hell doe.

Hm so something's coming with the pier this year but there's not gunna be any other expansions so we can count the boats takin us to another land off the tables, however we know there will be fishing so I'm willing to bet that there will be fishing spots at the pier and new piers added to fish from

Re: Pier Options?

Naw it's fishing man think about it it's the only logical explanation. Server transfers will most likely be done from the loggin menu and cross platforming..well isn't that kinda like server transfers but ios and android worlds are together?

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