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Let's bow our heads and remember those who failed...

Forum Fever is a drastic sickness tolled on many heroes. Some get the cure and some do not. Some fight it and win and some fight it and win but eventually loose. Some might even get infected from others from it.

Well this post is here to reconize a good friend of mine who fought so hard and so long but fell victim to its terrible reign. His name is Dilvar. Some of you may have already seen the nasty effects it has done, I pray it doesn't worsen because we all miss him back at HQ.

Dilvar called many people a fool to waste their time on forums, he fought the urge and he was succeeding. He had a very good immune system but the terrible big called Open Beta weakened him beyond repair and he fell victim to it.

Dilvar is a level 195+ tank that has served Epona with a good hearted purpose. Always committing himself to the job. Now we fear his tanking might decrease due to this horrible virus. Let us pray.

Dear God, please heal our brother, Dilvar, from this plague. For it is in our best intrest to enjoy glitches and lags together, as friends.


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Re: Let's bow our heads and remember those who failed...

Haha that sounds so serious!

Or am i just not takeing this Forums fever serious enough? O.o

Really awsome post Chelseam2, that girl knows how to talk.... Hugs all. Miss you PurpleRain!
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