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Re: Hello, I am new

Pestillence wrote:
Kendrill wrote:Rangers are good. Now i haven had to grind out the other classes, but from my understanding mos other classes rely at some point on sigils and plat items. From what i experienced an come to learn rangers are both cost effective an have a balance of support/dps. And idk what world ur playing but it seems rangers arent so likely to be around not like say warriors or rogues. Thats whats id say in so far as playing with productivity. At the end of the day, play the char that makes it a fun gaming experience :)

That's true, plus rangers are good at solo levelling.

Even better at group lvling, I've made my ranger alt (my favourite class now) full dps with enough health to sustain a few hits if he has to, but I just tank with my warrior and lvl on my ranger and it's just soo much easier to lvl now.
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Re: Hello, I am new

Rangers are good once I bolased and ran around and meditate activated. XD. Since I was not being attacked, it would make you immortal with lh/bolas/med since the lack of a heroic ammy would be a bother.
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