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I see that One Thumb Mobile has not yet made any move to prevent the spamming of forums, nor have they fixed the invisible axe bug, the scrolling bug, or the chat log disappearing in bank bug. I'm sure many players are tired of getting the 'we're a small company, we don't have unlimited recourses' comment.
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Re: Huh

Its quite simple, if you're sick of seeing it, stop bashing OTM and they won't have to respond with it. Be patient, it really isn't that hard.
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I believe there is still an update to be confirmed by apple from before the christmas holidays. And the spamming on the forums works well so far besides that I think the bots that do come through arn't even bots but humans creating an account to advertise.
That's why it aint the 20-30 accounts created a day + around 5-10 posts each like it used to before recaptcha was installed.
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Re: Huh

im just wondering, but are these updates and bug fixes coming to android too? cause we have almost the exact same problems. (I've pretty much gotten used to the bugs lol)
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