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Re: An Apology To OneThumbMobile

Dawn Knight wrote:Dear Otm,

I for one has been a complete Arse to you guys about the update bugs and would like to apologize. ...

(Main reason I'm frustrated is because yall punishing me for someone else's action when I don't even know the gguy and community was absolutely no help to me in the process).

Keep up the good work.

Dawn Knight

Ps i know people will say *suck up*

Hahaha we don't have to call you a suck up you do it yourself. Funny how everyone thinks that changing their fewdback from bad to good will get the company to be favorable to them on appeals. It happens daily on the forums, on reviews on the app store, ect and it is sick and immature. Sell out would be a better term. Welcome to the statistics.

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