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Re: Throwback Weekend

First of all, when you're 180+ fashion isn't boring. Its all you really to look forward too. Sure new event bosses... but what then? All you can do is try to collect new fash. New lux? Sure its OK. But let's be honest here.. Commy,gara gear is better than most new lux. New content... well I'd be happy if we just fix the content we have now. I love Nykes idea. For those of you that are on android and 180+. I would argue that if we had the vendors it would only encourage you to continue playing. Just Put a level cap on the old gear and fash etc. For those of you that are from IOS... well... stay there and troll your own forums.

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Re: Throwback Weekend

A massive +1 on this idea. I said i would never buy plat again for this game, but i think the hunter fash vendor would kinda make me do so. I agree with chelu also, maybe if we sacrifice enough lowbies the almighty CamGod will allow this to happen. But we must increase the sacrifices!

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