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Throwback Weekend

Due to the fact that CH for android didn't come out untill a little over a year ago while its been on ios for over 4 years, I think android servers deserve a special event to allow the players to receive some of the things they have otherwise missed because the game wasn't on android at the time.

I call it a throwback weekend or if you really want to make some money off your android players and even recover several from ios that have quit due to device changes (lets face it, apple hasn't done much with devices in the past 4 generations other than update looks) or players who have quit due to the turmoil and drama on ios, a throwback month.

Have one specific time frame where you bring all the old lux vendors and mystery chests throughout celtic heroes history to android servers so we can delight in the things we have missed over the years. This also gives the ios players who want to come back on android a chance to gain items they had or have on their ios accounts so they don't feel like the circulation of items throughout android is "lame" as several ios players have told me in game. You've already provided the old event bosses as rare spawns (albeit probably unintentionally but thank you anyways) and I know many plat buyers on my server would spend hundreds on plat to get a chance at some items.

Prime example. Last Halloween you introduced hunter gear. At the time my server was still new and there weren't many players on it or even many that bought plat and of those many have quit due to lack of content and boredom with the game. One of the high rollers on my server has all the pieces to white hunter gear except pants because there was never one on the server to begin with due to lack of plat buyers at the time. I know myself would spend hundreds on plat in a single month to get have a crack at some of the former items throughout celtic heroes history. It wouldn't take much considering you already have the coding for the lux vendors and the chests stored away. I can even give you an idea of how to implement it.

You know that fountain in the middle of the castle courtyard? The one that the town crier stands in from of looking like he's doing the hokey pokey? There's your placement site for your lux vendors.

Evenly spaced around this fountain the lux vendors from past events can pedal their wares to the common, or not so common, passerby. Android players can revel in the delight of flying through the air on a fluffy cloud as they ss glitch their way off map and pretend they are floating in heaven. (Seriously, a clan member of mine has pictures to prove it. Looks like heaven.)

The mystery chests of course can be sold in shop for the standard prices so any can have a chance at former fashions and rare items.

So stand up and let them hear your voices people of android! Don't we deserve a chance at some of the finer things we've missed out on? Voice your opinion on here so the Celtic Heroes staff may finally throw us a wyrmbone so we can enjoy the things we missed.

We aren't asking for you to hand things out. All we want is a chance. You gave ios double XP and double gold weekends, why can't we have this?

Re: Throwback Weekend

I completely agree..as a big plat buyer on android..I find myself bored of the simplicity of it..I understand ch android is new..but we should have the same opportunity as iOS..especially if you would like it to grow. Yes chests r a chance opportunity but as a big plat buyer..and the hoping of android to grow..its quite annoying everyone has the same Beltane tree charms or fairie charms..is this really all that we get?

Why do we not have a chance to be some of the in game character such as jotuns' Picts' wraiths..are money is just as good as ios players..its been a year and the servers r quite dead..I'd gladly spend more money for chances at some of the old iOS gear and event items...just cause were new we shouldn't be limited to it..samhain event was a fail..was cool for 2 days..I personally would like old event items and hope u can implement this to android..guaranteed more spenders and happier customers..please look into this and make it happen.. Tired of seeing people leave because android is so Baren and dull


Re: Throwback Weekend

Totally agree. I'm not a huge plat buyer due to my country's economy but I buy plat every month and i will definetly buy plat again just to get a chance to get my hands on some of the old fash. So PLEASE OTM make this happen.
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Re: Throwback Weekend

Ye during the ios samhain 2013(?) event i didnt have 1m for the reaper ring i wanted... But i do now. Maybe otm should just give me a reaper ring? I also didnt have the money for a sultans carpet back in the day. BUT HEY! I do now! Maybe otm could throw that in as a bonus!!!!??
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Re: Throwback Weekend

Aggybrace. Do you play on android? If so you'll understand what I'm talking about. Im not asking for anything free. Just the chance for android players to have a shot at things that we missed because We didn't have CH yet. I just used Hunter as an example. If you saw the servers you'd see there's only about 4 events worth of stuff on them and most of it is incomplete. Was just an idea.

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