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Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

IPhone 4s
Annoying things:
-Have to wait 10-20sec else I only see invisibles mobs and players
-Its a pain to switch from mount to weapons when im near a boss with people around, it take 1min
-When I check menu while my character is fighting and then come back, he is in pause mode and then continue the fighting
-If someone trade you while you are checking a shop, it will not show your amount of gold but only "gold" in letters.
-Lag when I fight a boss with 10+ people

-Carrow too dark
-Chat box should be more in center. Sometime I dont see whats write on the left of the scren, Anyways try a new chat textures.
- New 200 6* is really hard

Good luck !
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