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What's your opinion on the camofluage charm?

I would like to know your opinion on camo charms! Just to remind people please stay on topic!
My opinion is they're not amazing but not horrible. The reason camo charms are good is they give camouflage which helps a lot when leveling or need to get somewhere without dieing. The reason there not amazing is they only give camouflage which isant some special bounus so it Dosent help in a boss fight, Espically end-game. Overall camps help when leveling etc but don't give special bounuses that players need to level... So I rate the camo charm 1 being the worst and 10 being the best a 5.
i would appreciate your opinion but obviously its your dissision to comment. And just to remind again don't go off topic!
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Re: What's your opinion on the camofluage charm?

-price. It is extremely rare,and thus very expensive. Most people dont view it important enough to shell out several million for it unless they have nothing better to buy.
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Re: What's your opinion on the camofluage charm?

@guthix not a con if you bought it back when it was cheap. Not a con if you're filthy rich.

@criminal. Very true. However, all the instances I mentioned are instances where you can't use garanak set yet (levelling), or you don't need it for what you're doing (travelling, farming). The only instance I mentioned where fighting was an option was for snorri but snorri is all about nuke power the first few seconds if fight so all you need is a dex build (high shadow) and breaking the garanak aura makes absolutely no difference.
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Re: What's your opinion on the camofluage charm?

When you get to around lvl 180 play 2 toons one with a camo and one without. Stand in from of end game boss and kill mobs by the troll circle. Have a friend hit a troll and see which one of your toons is still alive. Lol

For me having camo to 190 was +10.
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