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Looking not so great. only good things that have came from halloween events are reaper rings, shouldn't expect things this time of year, save your energy for next summer cuz yule will prob be poo too. (Not being a negative arsehole, stating a fact)
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Not exciting at all, i can tell u what parts of which events they recycled to make this one, just raising price and lvl. Not looking forward to any events very much till mounts come out as a new way too play. Till then i guess its all about chatting and going inactive (wont lvl unless im chatting too, so in the rare case i do feel like killing mobs for three hours straight to lvl, it goes under chatting catagory) hope these mounts come out good, only futuristic promise im rlly excited about :)
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Ya I am not really an event type person. While I like that items would be recycled on a yearly basis this should be something that otm kinda sticks with and makes known. Because to go into an event and see recycled (yet improved) items can make some people mad when they paid 1m for something at yule and a better item in every way is available for 1m in samhain. I like recycling but I don't like the unpredictability.
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Sapphyre wrote:i want the new fashion so bad:3

Omg me too but I can't even play ios :(
Hope you get the good stuff.
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Well im excited cus its the first time i actually saved up all my gold form the new stuff, unlike every event i only get to Buy 1-2 lux items cus i waste money on lux for my alts :) :D
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I wait a Ranger skills fix, spear damage skill creation and Gelebron tower expansion more.
Halloween/Samhain is only,like you know a chewing-gum before the meal even if sometime the chewing-gum can be really good like the Summer 2014 one.
So lets hope!
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