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Attempted Hacking?

I have noticed recently that when I try to logon, it says for the 2nd time ?"You have made too many attempts to log in"

then I need to answer a question to log in...
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Re: Attempted Hacking?

If someone finds out your username, they can put it in with a random password and spam log 5 times, will say password incorrect up untill the 5th attempt then say acc disabled for few mins, at that points nobody at all can log account, if u are fast enought u can keep ppl of their acc for hours, if doing it continuously, this should be tweaked a bit...

back in the early days a lot of ppl used their main char name as their username, so unless you have shared your username/account thats the only way someone could get it, but it could be someone trying to hack, wont get too far.
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Re: Attempted Hacking?

This has happened to me too. Either its a bug with the forum board, or someone is attempting to dictionary hack (brute force) my account password.

And on a side note OTM, use a real CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA, not some easy, cycling questions about the game.

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