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Re: Item collection

UrMerGurdDanu wrote:My biggest collection is of gold, I have 2 million of them.

This made me laugh. I don't think lux or gold items is what the poster meant because 2 mil gold really isn't that much or hard to achieve. But 2 mil chickens would take a long time.
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Re: Item collection

My party hats. Also gave away my full fairy queen (including woodland dreamer, no glimmerwing pieces).
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Re: Item collection

Easily crowns, i know for sure i have three hundred, most likely 400 total
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Re: Item collection

I have around 5500 milk stalk mushrooms. Left over from farming fettles with no real use.

Back from the afk without kick days i saw someone with 80k arrows. I forgot who it was forever ago.
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