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Celtic Heroes Second Ladder has begun! Sulis!

So it looks like Sulis won the vote and the Ladder will be held there. We have 3 days untill the event is released so that gives us a bit of time to get started. As the event starts I expect people to be a bit less active in the ladder which is fine, come play with us when you need a break of your eventing ;).

The rules are:

No pots or lixes
everything that you get must be bought with gold you earned on ladder
Must be under lvl 10 to get an invite to join
no powerleveling by a friend or an alt
multi boxing is ok as long as all players are a part of the ladder

My name is savant and the clan is ladder in sulis. Come on and look for me for an invite to join!
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Re: Celtic Heroes Second Ladder has begun! Sulis!

fr3gryf wrote:
RogueOwnerz wrote:Just saying but there's a war at sulis atm lol

war are usually between "high lvls", i dont think a ladder would be affected :D

The AOE from mages pretty much kills all low lvls, so dont go to the arena lol
RogueOwnerz: lvl 217 Rogue on Sulis

TheHealer99: lvl 158 Druid on Sulis.

MageOwnerz lvl 130 Mage on Sulis.

WarriorOwnerz lvl 201 Warrior on Sulis.

QuikArrow, lvl 66 Ranger on sulis.

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