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Re: How old were you?

I started this time 2 years ago, actually just before the samhain event in 2012. I was 35, and was looking for a better iOS game than the repetitive ones like angry birds, etc. I saw this listed and thought sure it could not really be a 3d mmorpg for a phone. I remember the first graphic games on cell phones around 2000... Not that long ago. That were played on 50x50 pixel screens! LOL Anyhow i have a family and work so i am still only 162, but at times my kids, wife, and mother in law have all played. It is amazing how much OTM did three years ago without a commercially available engine to start on! Cant wait to see where it goes from here.
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Re: How old were you?

I think it was around September 2012, I was 14. One day my brother downloaded CH, he wanted me to look it out but I refused. Like 2 weeks later, he asked me again to give it a chance, I said okay. I made an account and only then he would tell me it’s in English… (I speak French). At first, I wasn’t really happy about it being in English. But then, I was surprised to see my English’s grades improve, I made a lot of friends and have seen some great ones quit as well.

Today, I’m lvl 190+, there isn’t much to do except get my DL quiver, do dailies, talk to friends and…camp. I miss the old events where you could buy fashion with gold; the fashion and hats are becoming more and more ugly to me however I do like the XP quests, tattoos and nightwing of this event. I personally have never bought plats except once to try the chests when they first came out, so well that’s kind of personal but I can’t enjoy events much, I won’t be able to get that nightwing :p it’s unfair ._.

Anyway, I would like to see more dresses tbh, no more stick mounts (carpets, sledges were cool) and more quests to get me busy :)

Re: How old were you?

I was 18 when I first started playing in June 2011. I had just started to study (hardcore study) and was looking for something to procrastinate in. My younger brother had pointed this game out to me and I got hooked. I found it extremely fun playing in the catacombs. Although I must say, what made it fun for me was the social aspect, I joined a clan called Alliance an awesome player named Rua helped me out a lot, by handing me free weapons!

But now, not so much. The game has become bland, boring and repetitive. I can't even be bothered to make some time to do my dailies. I am too busy now with study to pick the game back up. The game has lost its freshness and has become stale to the point where events don't make me log in anymore. However I do belong to an amazing clan, grouped with amazing people and I would hate to let them down.

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