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How old were you?

When you started playing ch, how old were you? Why did you download ch? What were your expectations? What was your first view at the beach? How do you feel about it now compared to your expectations? Feel free to share your thoughts below because im really curious what your motivation was.

When I started ch it was so I could play the game with an irl friend when I was 13 years old. My expectations for this game were kind of high because when I spawned at beach and walked through crossroads in belenus someone named null was nice and gave me 1k for free, which was alot for me at the time. I think now compared to what I thought before Is that the game is good but is broken at places.
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Re: How old were you?

Well I found it in October 2011, and I was looking for 3D games, I downloaded it but didn't play until halloween day. The game was fun, 3D, social. I got hooked.
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Re: How old were you?

Started when I was 15 a little over a year ago. Expectations? Was fun until I went into the trolling era. Lol. Lierally logged just to troll certain people. Am now constantly spammed and trolled by low levels. Carma is an ass.
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Re: How old were you?

I was 16 when i started. I almost neer played mmos before but i wanted a game to play during night, as i wasnt a fan of sleeping...listening music and reading was getting boring!i Was looking for some fun Hen eceryone sleep:)

I started september 2011, and untill haloween played as a true noob(begging, anoying, ksing hahah)
Then haloween event started, and someone helped me in clan and i got hooked in a clan lvling job hehehe...3 years after...19years old now...here am i!
I tried all other mmos on appstore but always went back here...something attractive in CH.

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Re: How old were you?

I was about 13 ish, forgot, been a while, and I am 16 now.
(Birthday on Dec 1. O:)

Sister played the game, quit, I found the app she downloaded, played it, now it became my app. :lol:
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Re: How old were you?

I was 16-17, started playing in 2011 before that Christmas as total noob. Came back after I had figured out some things (like selling all that useless crap to vendor ( :o :shock: what an idea!) in about 2012 sometime. Been hooked on CH ever since, despite a few forced long breaks... I have tried many other mmos (often during these breaks...). And everytime all I can think about is 'well ch is better at this than this game... or better than that... or...' You get the idea.

I was just looking for something fun to play as at the time I had already found a game or two I still like to this day (including the only first person view mobile game shooter I enjoy). I am a history nut, and something told me to try searching for celtic games. (had already tried romans, greeks, Cossacks, settlers... you get the idea). Then I shortened the list by also looking for mmos. This game came up. I decided eh? wth, ill download and see what its all about. The reviews seem to be good, I like the look, and its about a cool historical era. So I downloaded my first mmo. A short while later I became very into celtic. Its one thing to play a computer strategy game, but another to choose a difficulty that appeals to you. This has a difficulty level that is uncontrollable by the player (except for leveling, gearing, dual devicing, etc- which are all in-game activities), and that is, next to the social aspect of this game, the best quality in my opinion.

Celtic heroes is perhaps the only true free to play mmo in that you yourself don't need to spend a penny on the game- you just need to put forth the effort to level, farm, check bosses (or camp...), and buy the occasional plat item if you choose- but only with gold. While there is some pressure to buy plat, there is not an exceedingly high difficulty without plat. And there is no chat restriction or additional content restriction if you choose not to buy plat yourself.
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Re: How old were you?

Started in early 2012 as a 13 year old. I think I was searching for a game to replace Wizard 101 (I'm weird, yes? :lol: ) and I found CH. I actually quit my warrior back in late 2012 at 100 because I felt sick of the grind. I then rejoined in early 2013 with a rogue and kept it since. (126 now ... yes I'm slow) The game instantly appealed to me with the vibrant graphics and systems. The numerous mob species was emersive and I got engrossed in all the specialization. I'm currently 15, and hope to keep this game until college, or until I can't balance it anymore. I want this to come later than sooner! :lol:
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