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Re: Which Player Going Inactive Made You Saddest?

donkeypunch, desk.. Kallep for sure (along with other original avas). Learned a lot from Kallep as a ranger and going over
different builds together when there wasn't much reason too. Always checking the leaderboards with desk and donkey to
see who had the highest hit, before all the OTM nerfs, for fun. It gave a new meaning to boss fights seeing who could get
the kill and i think it made us all better as well and really consider making the best dps builds. Sad to come back and so
many old faces gone but a whole lot of new ones too. I think everyone who knows what its like being stuck in stonevale,
being cramped in together and all, understand when you're around players like that for so long you don't forget them.

Hoping they will come back too,
gone but not forgotten like they say.
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