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Chances for a glider?

So after about 80 or so in total Phoenix chests in the time they've been out, I got a glider. I'm just wondering if you guys think I should open the rest I have, or sell.... I have a lot and just wondering rate of drops for gliders and chance I'll actually win a jackpot. So is it worth it? How many chests did it take til you got somethin good? Have you gotten somethin good at all? If so or not, how many chests you've opened?
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Re: Chances for a glider?

Iv opened close to 800 new chests quite a lot I know and have only won one Elder Phoenix Glider and nothing over 10k gold from any chest so my opinion is they are extremely rare.
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Re: Chances for a glider?

I opened about 120 chests before getting mythic glider, then another 50 or so before getting 90% glider; also opened around 100 chests in previous event before getting mythic serpentstaff---i have been pretty lucky from what others have posted.

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Re: Chances for a glider?

Well for the suncrest chests I opened around 50 and won the gold jackpot.. also for a glider I know someone that opened 50 and got second rarest.
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Re: Chances for a glider?

The chance is probably below 5% which is very unlikely considering the price of them in both currencies

xvanguardx wrote:Chances for a glider?

Speaking how many chests it takes to get a good result wise, you could open 1000 chests and get nothing but you could open 4 and get 2 million and a glider...

If you need gold badly, sell them (safest way to make gold out of them), if you want to have a chance at getting some goodies, open them
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