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Re: " rare shamman drops "

I was checking he who cannot be named's item database and it turns out the 10% mount is the highest they can drop...wat is the point of that? Previous events had a chance to drop 80% mounts with last yules events highest being 90%. Doesnt make any sense...can an admin confirm if this was intentional?
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Re: " rare shamman drops "

These things were a waste of time imo. I killed one with combo and all. Hp lix and used restores. After i killed i ran to necro zombies. Got atleast some xp in my combo. When i went to the trader after lix i was dissapointed. Lol. Oh well these guys are op much! Hit 300-700 on me. Kill them with a group. Dont waste money soling it.
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Re: " rare shamman drops "

I'm "pretty sure" they are a waste of time. After 20 or so confirmed shaman kills in our clan the highest we've gotten was bones that sell for 2k. Not worth the effort for the obviously too low drop rate of any supposed mounts that I tend to disbelieve are even in the loot table.

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