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Re: Shrivelwood vs spiritseed set

I've used both and I'll say the shrive is definately better for a single set on a caster. Not only are my Mage/Druid skills significantly better than with spiritseed but the health increase is awesome whereas I find the dex to be not very helpful. Hands down on shrive.

That said I think the spiritseed set is better overall. It is more versatile - its great on rangers and Rogues even warriors it's not bad - with about 1k energy sigs say goodbye to energy problems with even the most hogging skills and energy lix are amazing! You wont need energy lix anymore at all except for long bossfights and then only if you can't shake aggro - energy lix and full top end lux energy regen (ammy two brace and hat) wasn't working well but now I can free up some of those items and also have more energy to keep 50 skill spam. Plus if you have a shrive ring it's like 600 for the set on casters.
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Re: Shrivelwood vs spiritseed set

The varying stat bonuses for the sets are:
One set gives 500 foc, 300 dex, 500 hp
While the other gives 300 focus, 300 vit, 300 defence, 1k abilities

So from one the the other, you lose 300 dex; now that dex is equivilent to 600 defense (assuming you start with none), so you lose 300 defense from one to the other
Now considering the amount of hp you gain, thats not at all terrible, since 300 vit is roughly (or just shy of) 2k hp. So, so far, you lose 300 defense and gain 1.5k hp (first set has 500 hp bonus).
The next thing to compare is the set bonus, 200 focus vs 1k in abilities. The comparison all depends on your base stats and your gear. For example, someone with an already very high focus will be much better off with the ability boost, because according to formulas, itd have a greater impact on dmg. And vice versa. The loss of energy is another thing to consider, as you will have to wait for regen more per fight, lowering your overall dmg. All things considered, with a high focus/e efficient build id opt for the 1k in abilities, but a lower focus build with e probs should opt for 200 focus to reduce regen time.

To recap: from set 1 to 2, you lose 300 defense and 200 focus, however, you gain 1.5k hp and 1k in abilites.

In the end, it is personal preference and play style that determines which is better for you, due to the give an take in all directions between the two sets.
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Re: Shrivelwood vs spiritseed set

sunnyland79 wrote:Which color or set is best for mage?

Mage level 203

Neither .-.
Use a smolach hoarfrost or hellfire ammy or a preceptors pendent of vigilance. Then use a smolach (either emberdrake bolt CD or smolach hoarfrost hellfire misc) and corresponding rings (see my or Krums’s ring dps list in mage subforum).

Only replying cuz froze beat me to calling it a necro post :lol:
Grrrr ;)
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