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Game Graphics Ruining My Phone

Immortalrage, leader of Immortal Army on the Donn server..... Ever since I started grinding for hours on the game my phone screen now has dark blue streaks all thru it, even when I exit game or turn phone off my phone and let rest for multiple hours, it still has these blue streaks. I noticed it gets worse around blue wisps in stonevale. I don't have the most expensive or newest phone out but there's still no reason it should be doing this... Any advice??

Re: Game Graphics Ruining My Phone

then its probably because you are overheating it by keeping it on for so long. phones arent meant to be used for hours on end, eventually, you're supposed to put it in sleep mode because you arent using it, or the screen automatically goes black like when you are making a phone call. to have the screen lit up like that for long hours (probably on a high brightness setting) will burn out the screen eventually.

have you considered taking to the phone company to see if it can get fixed, and to find an actual reason why its glitching out on you?
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