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Re: Old Charms, New Engine

MarcusD wrote:Comeon guys don't downplay peoples concerns. If OTM wants to keep customers they need to care about what people think.

That wasn't ailerons point. Aileron was saying that all our character models are going to change and we won't be able to fix it, we have to take what otm gives us. He was really agreeing with the notion that we should get what we have now, but he thinks otm will change it anyway
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Re: Old Charms, New Engine

I don't think that it will change much because they have already changed many graphical things. I think that they are just changing engines to add things not change the stuff that they already did and so that it can handle all of the better stuff.
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Re: Old Charms, New Engine

The new engine will not change our character's faces very much, its the same just sharper with better textures. All the faces now look better, but thats just my opinion.

The charms will probably look the same even though the mobs have been changed. The charms are seperate, i don't see why it would change as a result, but i'm just assuming.
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