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Re: Rare items you have

SneakyPerry wrote:I have the only damage ammy from king dreadbone on android..
Full green lanrik
Don't have much stuff on android but on iOS I head broom of doom, sultans carpet and ava sled.
someone else has dmg ammy too on donn

Re: Rare items you have

I don't have a lot, I have:
5% sled, snowman helm, yulestave, pumpkin helm, stave of tempest, grand cane of bats, sunflower wand, purple yuletide hat and orange mask of lugh and glimmer set w/ queen top (ik it ain't rare but eh)
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Re: Rare items you have

My 100% shaman staff is rarest item I earned from the drawing competition. I own one of the two in Sulis. :)

Doh. /edit/ I also have Teal Wyldwood set. Only one in sulis
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Re: Rare items you have

Voldemort wrote:A black party hat from OTM's first birthday
Dragonfire fists from closed beta 4
A mauve hat from a competition
A few collectibles and items from the early days :)

Noob, I got all party hats :)
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Re: Rare items you have

Don't have to much but I have Brook of embers 5%, 5% Carpet, some solstice pieces and black wildwood
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Re: Rare items you have

MrSmile4You wrote:I have a 2013 turquoise snowbound candy cane
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