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So i was wondering whats the most xpensive item in your world that is accually being sold
So not like this thingy
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Re: Item

jokii90 wrote:
Corleone wrote:What the hell is this thing?

Its a helm of the developer, says in the name

Surely yes, it's a helm forged in the mighty flame off the office, crafted by skilled blacksmiths of the clan Admin
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Re: Item

It's pretty much a helmet they made for proof they are truly a developer, as well as a unique item that each one gets one of their items.
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Re: Item

Why did you take a picture of the helmet, and not of the sword -.-
Most expensive item would probably be a broom of doom, or one of those 20% ability/xp gain charms, or the 20 dmg fire cloak one.

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Re: Item

Other Admin-only things have been spotted throughout time. The helm of the developer is one, although I could swear it had a different description last time...other items include the developers lute, and the awesome stonevale sword offhand, which looks exactly like the warden sword, yet is an offhand.
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