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so over on lugh and i guess all servers there is an awful lot of afk lvling, earning money ect. I think these needs to be stopped. i saw a rouge get to lvl88 in a few days from this. they just take there toon to a spawn spot of a mob and then they go afk for hours. what about say u dont auto attack for 15 minutes u get dc. i understand u can be in a convo with people so 15 minutes should be ok. but seriously it pisses alot of people off and in my opinion is a serious issue. what happened to just playing the game and grinding out lvls? now u can just be afk and lvl up. hope something can be done and thoughts are welcome

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I agree.

But this has to be a game mechanic issue. As in, I dont fault people in my clan for afk'ing now, because the game makes it so incredibly easy. I think the onus is on the game to disable it, not the players.

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DCing is a stupid idea since we can barely hang on as is with the serious laaaaaaag issue.

Personally, me and my guys stop afkers when we spot the (fairly easy to spot). They usually stop for a few days then try else where.

We see them there - we do it all over agin and they usually get the idea that afking when we're on doesn't work. Don't complain - just kill em. I do.
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Riot King wrote:Admn should stop worring about new patches ( winter patch ) and fix the lagg. Like invest some money for more bandwidth. Stop being cheap

It's coming, and before the 3rd update, he just posted about it a few days ago

admin wrote:Hi there, just a quick update about our infrastructure plans this month.

We are going to be upgrading our servers from 8 core to much more powerful 24 core machines, and switching to much better internet connectivity with higher bandwidth and more redundancy. As well as generally making things faster and more reliable, this should help with the connection issues certain people are having (although since it's the internet there will always be some potential issues with connectivity!).

On top of these improvements, once the update goes live the connectivity and network performance will be improved again. The update contains a lot of connectivity fixes and general network speed improvements, as well as fixes for the crashes some people are experiencing.

However this is just to warn you that there will be a couple of days later this month where we will be moving over to the new setup, and there will be some downtime and potential disruption during this time - I will do my best to keep this to a minimum and warn you well in advance of any disruption, but there may be some teething problems when the new servers are deployed. The end result will be well worth it though (fingers crossed!).


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Superman wrote:When afk, if you don't move for a certain amount of time your character stops attacking which leads to your death. Afk does not last for hours.

That occurs occasionally when you lagg/disconnect and reconnect before your ping reaches 30k. Your character is still logged in, but nothing around you moves and skills are stuck on full cast. Everything else can still attack you though. You can experience this through normal play as well. Some days you just have more luck when it comes to afk than usual.

And another thing: I'm fairly neutral towards afking and I'm not denying that I don't afk, So if there is an anti-afk implementation, I'm not going to post hate threads towards admin if it happens. However, it's starting to get a bit irritating that people see this as an inconvenience to their daily game play when it's really not that big of a deal.

If it was up to me, i'd say the lower levels are simply jealous that they can't afk (profitably) themselves. But you simply forget we all had to manually kill those monsters we afk at one stage too.

And to those who are complaining about xp afkers, druids: Simply find another spot (Sorry druids, no disrespect). Every other class: If you can't ks an afker using skills OR grab agro first, you probably shouldn't be there in the first place and should reconsider weaker monsters to train on because you would have less chance of getting xp there if they wern't afk (disreguarding the times they are logged off).

I can guarantee you there is not a player for every spawn in your world as most people on the forums seem to be making it out to be. If there is, i'll make a character in your world and take a look for myself.

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I dont mind afkers.... But people have really gotta stop blaiming it all on warrior... Everyday I go in combs... I see a rogue... druid... ranger and warrior afk.... mages shouldnt because their hits suck lol... unless using a broom or sled of high dammage..... But ya... Stop blamimg us warriors.... while all you other kinds are doing it too!

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