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chests price in worlds

how much do chests in YOUR world sell for? jst wondering on herne 15-20k ... ik theres been posts bout this bfore but prices change so wondering...(icebound chests not normal ones btw) :D
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Re: chests price in worlds

15K on Lugh. Sometimes it could be 20K, usually only 20 on first day of chests coming out.

Sometimes you can get lucky and someone will sell chests for less than 15 :D .... usually if they are selling for less than 15, its because they want to sell them quickly and be done with it.

Re: chests price in worlds

On first day they sell for 15k but many sell for 20k cuz they over price them, as the days go on they get cheaper. I currently buy for 12k and eentually they will go down to 10k!
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