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Re: Help with chess quest

I could use some help with the chessmen quest,

I still need:
7 white pawns
1 white bishop
2 white rooks

I can buy them from you or I can change. I have:

1x white knight
4x white king
4x white queen

I am in the world Belenus, name Angelas
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Re: Help with chess quest

There is supposed to be 5 places to get chesspieces, but I completed the quest using only 2. The one in crookback and the bandit. The reward you get is The Helm of the Sage, it's stats are
Server: Arawn
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Re: Help with chess quest

In other words, no good unless ur low lvl...

Good hem is the Embossed Plate Helm armor 22 weight 14

The Plate helm or the Hammered plate helm are good too. I think even the Embossed scale or Embosses chain helm are better than the one u get from the quest

Re: Help with chess quest

You won't get all of them in one place, you need to kill all the chess masters a few times, there located:
Crookback hollows
Bandits camp near the dock.
Skullcrusher camp by the northern peninsula.
On top of a hill behind the temple.
Inside catacombs.

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Re: Help with chess quest

exactly what darkvane said you have to camp all those spots for a while. I think they all drop pawns but not sure, but all the other pieces are specific to the Mob.
the one in dustwither drops queens and king pretty sure bandit drops bishop norse drops knight and crookback drops rooks
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Re: Help with chess quest

Crookback- near the second teleport rock- I got the knights
catacombs- near the entrance to the right- I got the queen and king
on the hill behind the temple- Outlaw Chessmaster droppeds bishop for me
Northern peninsula-in a tent- Norse chessmaster dropped the Rook for me
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