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Re: New engine?

I love surprises whether it were a month from now or 6 months whenever it comes I'm super excited. :D It's like buying a shoe u don't want a heel that has a crack in it. You want to be able to take steps without falling. U want that shoe to carry u to the best of its ability. You want a game to run smoothe step by step. I rather a game takes as long as it has to work well. They know what they are doing and do it well. Patience really is a virtue.

Now I must go out a buy these heels I spoke of :shock:
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Re: New engine?

chaoslord1 wrote:It's supported by Unity- we can expect insane, realistic graphics.

If anybody has played MADFINGER's Dead Trigger, they know what I'm talking about.

source for this?
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Re: New engine?

The new Engine will not be powered by Unity, from what I gather. It is an engined, that One thumb Mobile have created themselves. Which is good, because it means they can shape it to how they need and want to use it, rather then be restricted in programs such as unity etc...

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Re: New engine?

The new engine is ugly and nasty imo if it looks like it does right now i will be quiting celtic heroes and not coming back. If my $1000+ invested in this game turns into what it is... Heh bah bye!

Just my opinion..
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