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Re: Reasons that made you leave or rage quit your clan.

Omegafalcon wrote:Ik, im saying the druid would have been fine out of group

So this is a side note to the topic but... for Druids seeing 7 other players health is MUCH easier than clicking around or getting told 'heal' from 7 players at once. Especially when on a boss that has AOE attack. Sux bad that you got kicked though. That ain't right.

I like my clan even more now that I hear all this garbage.

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Re: Reasons that made you leave or rage quit your clan.

I just want to say, so long as the clan and individual names stay changed to protect the innocent or guilty, this is one of my favorite threads in a long time. Here's my contribution:

I rage quit OLD CLAN because everyone who was active had left. Admittedly, I joined it because of its old glory and enjoyed soloing in silence without clan invite spam, but eventually it outlived its usefulness and I went to an actually active clan. Irronically, later I joined a clan with the only guy (who was pretty high compared to me at the time) that was still logging in to OLD CLAN.

And, although I rage quit, no one noticed, since I was one of two active people left... But, trust me, it was a glorious rage, however silent it was to the rest of the world.

Apparently, a tree falling in the woods does make a sound, even if no one is there to hear it.
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