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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

Zacarios wrote:This is turnip from ur server :)
I started out just like you. I didnt have any lux or spend any irl cash(i did spend 20 bucks later but that was last summer when i already was pretty well off)
My key to gettin cash is to...
1. Get into a nice clan(you make friends, get cash from bosses, and have fun)
2. Save cash and jump on opportunities(a great way to make money is to save up a lot of cash and buy lux at its cheapest.
Ex. The turning point of my ch career: i saved up 140k and got a gold ice blade when update 4 came(peeps tend to sell stuff cheap at the begginin of updates)
3. Buy stuff cheap and sell it higher(this takes a better understanding on prices; but, if done right, it can get u lots o cash)
Ex. I traded my gold blade i got from before for a trident because i needed the regen. I then sold the trident for 210k! -that was more so luck...but buyin and sellin is worthwhile
4. Farm (as other posters mentioned, farmin is a pretty nice way of gettin money. It can be boring, but overall its nice cash.

Yes listen to this man ^

His advice is pretty much what I would have said.
A friend of mine, who's more successful and richer than I ever was, made tons of money buying cheap and selling higher.

Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

1 word...


I made so much money i made 40k so far. My secret was buying dust cheap like 100 to 300 gold in bulk and then selling them 500 gold each. Also farming works and bossing are great way. Another thing is mastering the art of profit. I bought a quartz icon 14k and later sold for 35k because i waited. Any ways so events are best time to make money because people want to sell there old stuff for new things and will sell cheap. Also you can collect those items and hold on to them. I held on to cup cakes from first celtic heroes birthday and sold them from 1-5k pretty nice. One more thing is you see some one selling cheap and you have the gold try to buy it even cheaper and sell it for profit.
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

You can farm when there is no events going on and if your world is not a needy to-buy place like mine. No one needs lux. :lol: Either its a secret alt or they bought plat.

You know why I am poor? 1. I am addicted to chests 2. I dont have the INTEGRITY to keep farming after....10min. :lol:

I am since the beginning when the game started and I am only level 153. I am really poor and I get everything slooowlllyyy I just cant stand farming for so long >_<

So have the patients too, don't be a Chelsea.
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

1.Level up to 150

2. Go back in time to when drag frags were upwards of 60k each and solo falgren


4. PROFIT!!!

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