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Getting *rich* in this game?

Hi guys, I'm an old player but kind of new forums so excuse me if I have posted this in the completely wrong place :lol:
I am one of those guys that just likes to play the game and not even give a damn about lux. I have scraped by this game with boss drops and free warden armour but now I have reached level 100 I'm struggling to get any higher, for example I use sneaky and riposte once and I barely have any energy to cast a quick attack :cry:
So I have decided that no matter how hard I try to avoid lux its just going to get harder! so my question is How do you get rich without buying plat? take note that I'm not very patient but I will be if it is necessary. Any help appreciated! :P
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

CH45E wrote:Well simple. You can kill rare mobs and sell their loot, kill bosses with players and sell the loot, or just grind. I like selling loot best

That's the long and short of it. Hawkhurst chests in te sewers are a good thing to grind for. 2k to the lix vender per chest and reasonable drop frequency.
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

This is turnip from ur server :)
I started out just like you. I didnt have any lux or spend any irl cash(i did spend 20 bucks later but that was last summer when i already was pretty well off)
My key to gettin cash is to...
1. Get into a nice clan(you make friends, get cash from bosses, and have fun)
2. Save cash and jump on opportunities(a great way to make money is to save up a lot of cash and buy lux at its cheapest.
Ex. The turning point of my ch career: i saved up 140k and got a gold ice blade when update 4 came(peeps tend to sell stuff cheap at the begginin of updates)
3. Buy stuff cheap and sell it higher(this takes a better understanding on prices; but, if done right, it can get u lots o cash)
Ex. I traded my gold blade i got from before for a trident because i needed the regen. I then sold the trident for 210k! -that was more so luck...but buyin and sellin is worthwhile
4. Farm (as other posters mentioned, farmin is a pretty nice way of gettin money. It can be boring, but overall its nice cash.
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

Here goes:

3 months ago i started playing this game again. I was lv83 with warden greaves, gloves, boots and helm.
Having given away everything I had the last time i was online, i ventured through farcrag looking into the many new faces, and the faces that failed to recognize me.

I joined this amazing clan clan called SquadUP who helped me complete my warden, and meteoric.
These people were unknown to me. The people who i knew back in the old days drastically changed, they weren't the people who i once knew.

From there i started making my gold. I partook in sv boss runs regularly despite my horrid appearance :p
I picked up my salesmen techniques, ( which i am still honing ) learned from spending a year on Pocket legends.

Got awesome deals. Same basic principle buy low sell high. Now i might be known as the guy who is accused of buying platinum for his expensive gear. The highest i have paid on platinum was $5 back in 2012.

My tips to you would be to try and learn the prices of items. Try not to say offer too much.. It quickly diffuses traded.
Farm dust bosses. Sv boss raiding. Samhain lirs boss raiding. There is an abundance of money making ways for you to discover!
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

JxOxCampbell wrote:wow quick reply's to this forum :shock: thanks for your consideration i will try grinding those chests, but im not quite sure where the droppers are thanks!

Check out my map here:


The mobs in the areas around Carrack and Alva the Twisted drop the chests.

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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

bossing and farming hawkhursts

also farming mini-bosses/boss placeholders can get you some quick cash
like for example a stonefang drudge (lvl 75 2*) usually drops an amethyst (200g right there)
if you check on all the placeholders you can make around 1k in like 5 mins...but then you gotta find something else to do while they respawn

(boss/level/do whatever and make some more money)
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Re: Getting *rich* in this game?

Thanks for your posts guys, I looked like the biggest newbie before I logged out last night :oops:
But after trying a few of your methods I found out that grinding the hawkhurst chest's and power trading was the best, sorry but farming just isn't my thing :lol:
In fact since I woke up this morning i have managed to earn the 10 per tick energy ring and a heroic ammy of rejuv, next stop dagger of slaying! :D
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