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Croockback king room

Is anyone playing in this room? It's one of my favourite parts of the game but I am wondering if anyone is actually using it?

Re: Croockback king room

Honestly it was too difficult to get to the King's room when I was lower level roaming the area, and when I became higher level I moved into the catacombs without ever killing the king.

Is there a way to activate other areas of the game only after killing certain bosses?

Re: Croockback king room

I did the same as Krondor couldnt get to him at low levels then forgot him.
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Re: Croockback king room

I've been to his room: once.

You level through the course of the game and about the time you're around crookback you aren't high enough level to get to the king. The quests travel away from crookback and you finish the quests. You're around level 17-20 so most people go to the catacombs (don't ask why, maybe they are just unaware of what lies in crookback) and they start training there. Another big reason in my eyes is because you can get better drops in the catacombs towards end game content then you can in crookback...As far as I know. If the goblin king offered something the catacombs didn't, many more people would go there. I love the layout and design of it, and the idea behind it. It just seems like its looked over, and left undiscovered.

Re: Croockback king room

Ludah wrote:I did the same as Krondor couldnt get to him at low levels then forgot him.

He has some decent drops, I go there when I get bored. If your a rogue you can use hide to get to him :)

Re: Croockback king room

The only reason I go there anymore I'd to help the lower lvl's in my clan. You guys are right once everyone becomes to good, they just forget about crookback.
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