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Lol edit: This thread contains Update 3 info from Admin

I need to preface this post by saying that: I Understand the admin sometime this week will produce a post that outlines fully the content of Update 3. So in truth, this post is just a precursor to information we will all get quite soon after the holiday update comes out of the game on Wednesday.

But so far many things have been, albeit mistakenly due to miscommunication or misapprehension, grouped into the 3rd update that are actually not really in it.

The admin has clarified recently that:

Update 3 contains: (Many more things than just this but I'm using some examples)
Pvp: but only duels and grp v grp PvP (Arena)
A bank that is character specific, not account specific
new high lvl zone
New Clan ranks of General (higher than guardian/lower than chieftain), and Recruit (New Member)
Additional class skills
New caster gear stat additions that will lend themselves to maximize dps similar to how Melee weapons function now for Melee classes
AoE Mage Spells
Warden Armor quest upgrades, Druid cowls etc

And that many of the things people are lumping into Update 3 now, are actually in Update 4

Update 4:
Clan v Clan PvP areas, defensible areas with Mob guards and clan bonuses for owning them
Shared Account Bank for all characters
Mounts and horses with upgradable inventory slots
Graphical additions

I can't wait till we get a real list, it's hard to search thru the Admin's posts and really see what is going into which update. But I realize that in truth, we all just need to be more patient, and let it play out, no matter how fervent our desire is to know now.

Hope you all are well,

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Re: General Confusion on what is in Update 3 vs Update 4

Hi there, I will post really quick but we are still working on the update so things may change if we hit a major issue or we may decide to add more if we decide something really needs to go in.

Here is a rough list of what's in the forthcoming update (update 3):

- Faster / more efficient graphics engine (note we use a custom graphics engine developed specifically for the game).
- Particle effects engine (particles can go in the environment like smoke from chimeys or splashes from waterfalls, on players, on weapons to make them glow or have flames on them, for spell effects, on enemies etc)
- New redone Lir's reach and Farcrag castle - both zones recreated with better graphics
- New quests of all sorts, and new starter quest chain with better plot, more progression, and more variety of tasks
- New enemies of all sorts, including huge dragons.
- Pvp arena zone, which is linked from Farcrag castle via a tunnel - this is team based so everyone outside of your group is hostile, within your group you can heal and buff each other.
- New high level area which is the Otherworld from Celtic Mythology - accessed from a magical portal behind where Falgren spawns in Stonevale (level range will be around 80-130). It's a large zone about the size of Lir's reach.
- 1v1 Duels - players can challenge other players to duels. There are pvp titles and rankings.
- Massive overhaul and upgrade of items in the game (this was the biggest job of the update). Items can now have things like level restrictions, they can add stats, also they can 'proc' certain effects, as well as add a clickable effects, they can also add to your abilities or spell power etc etc.
- New inventory section for jewlery with 4 ring slots, 1 neck, 1 misc, 2 bracelets.
- Fashion inventory section with head, legs, torso, feet, hands slots so you can equip fashion clothes without losing stats from your armour.
- New types of enemy AI and boss battle mechanics.
- A bank accessed via a banker in Farcrag Castle (character specific rather than shared).
- New clan rankings (recruit and general) and longer clan message which generals can post to, signed by the poster. the clan ranks go: Chieftain -> General -> Guardian -> Member -> Recruit.
- Tons of new skills for all classes, enhanced ways in which skills can work, including some accessed via quests or enemy drops rather than buying them.
- New abilities from trainers that you have to find and persuade to train you up.
- Maybe more skill slots (we are looking into the best way to add them right now, maybe a left/right button to switch between visible slots, or a scrolling mechanic)
- Password reset and change feature within the app.
- Support feature within the app which connects the app directly to a support system we have built - it means we can handle support much more quickly and not have to go via email)
There is tons more stuff I can't think of but I'll post when I think of some more. There are additional features that MAY make the update but maybe not depending on time, we need to cut off at some point and test/release.

What's in update 4 and 5:

Non combat activities (fishing, cards games in tavern etc)
Crafting (resource gathering, creating things via blacksmithing, woodcrafting etc).
Clan battlegrounds.
Pets (costmetic and functional)
Mounts (a variety of types of mounts customisable with their own inventory page).
Marketplace for putting up items to sell to other players.
More graphical improvements.
A bunch of new dungeons.
Access to new areas via boats.
Obviously lots of new enemies and things like that.
Lots of other stuff I can't think of right now..

Also as a side note we are hiring more team members and planning to ramp up the speed/quality/quantity of updates. The whole company is now focussed completely on Celtic Heroes and we plan to improve it hugely over the course of 2012. The current plan is to keep doing our own thing, try and make the game as good as we can and not look to try and compete with or copy other games. We are going to make mistakes and do silly things once in a while but the main thing is to keep focussing on expanding and improving the game and we will get there eventually!

Hope that helps a bit, this is just off the top of my head rather than an exhausting list.


Re: General Confusion on what is in Update 3 vs Update 4

This is going to be great.

You mentioned to me that druids have a path much like that of a jedi you know good opr evil. (My idea by the way :mrgreen: ). Is this in Patch or in Update.

And to clarify you Tea Warden Armor Upgrade is in the patch in a few days.

And yes please make a lvl limit to atleast 80 i like the idea of 85 much better though.
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Re: Lol edit: This thread contains Update 3 info from Admin

I definately appreciate the list Admin. I edited the original title of post to reflect it.

I think adding some sort of lvl or perhaps Warden Gear requirement to the new zone would be nice. That said, I am not certain what the cut off should be. And I am not interested in making some server dichotomy of the high lvls vs low levels, it's simply an idea that you need to at the very least complete the SV quest line of killing bosses or some sort of achievement based unlocking of the mythical zone.

I have no idea what is appropriate, I wish I could be more of a help, but It would be a help to at least myself to enter this area and see the upper echelons of the levels on my server with me, instead of the entire community.

All the best,


Clarification on Arena: is it then going to contain multiple groups? And be a FFAGvG or (Free for All Grp v
Grp) environment , where multiple groups clash? At the same time?

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Re: Lol edit: This thread contains Update 3 info from Admin

Oh wow, thx for the long list Admin! Sooo looking forward to the update.

As for the lvl restriction, please! Either have it accessible only for higher lvls or at least have it so lower lvls can't register the laystone (they can enter the zone but once they are dead they'll teleport back into Stonevale). Personally, I like the lvl restriction idea better. Lower lvls will be real curious about the new area and have more incentive to lvl up instead of just sitting around begging.

The arena sounds great too. Will it be server-specific or will I be able to fight people from other servers in the arena?

As for the skills, make them scrolling skills. Also, you might want to think of getting rid of the huge button on the bottom right used to talk to ppl/start auto attack, etc. If you just double click on a person you get the same effect and don't waste so much space. Also, I'd love to be able to put skills into the item slots (above the skills). I never have items in there.
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