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Re: Has any world killed mordis?

fishgutz101 wrote:We got it to the last 20% but the rage and inferno wiped us

I think this is the furthest and best attempt yet. What is shows is that Mordris has to be killed before it rages and it means you need maybe one hundred level 180 and above hitting it to achieve that. I think Mordris is designed not as a clan only kill but a multiple clan endeavour unless there is a clan with one hundred or more level 180 and above.

Re: Has any world killed mordis?

Tnert wrote:Crom wont for awhile until all clan issues have been sorted lol

What issues :)

And i think the 100 lvl 180 was a joke :) probably around 40 max dps with dl is enuff :) we got
Warriorz (Warrior) (198)
Myhealerz (Druid( (198)
Roguezz (Rogue) (186)
Kefhr (Mage) (134)
And other useless low char

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