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Re: Epona kills Hrungnir!

Superman wrote:Nice cooperation! Maybe other worlds could learn a thing or two from you guys.

Sad to say, but very true..

Although.. The druid helm adds vitality? Seems a bit off to me..
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Re: Epona kills Hrungnir!

xArctic wrote:Although.. The druid helm adds vitality? Seems a bit off to me..

Although you'd think that, I actually love the idea that it adds vit. Here's the thing, we already know that focus is our number one stat so we put the majority of our points there. After that we do put alot into vitality because a dead druid is a useless druid. Thing is we don't focus as much on vit as we do focus, just add whats needed. But given the focus plateau, focus can become less desirable. The fact that it adds vit is a great thing because you can always use more vit!

The fact that its an endgame helm that breaks your dragonlord set bonus, which seems almost mandatory against hrungir and possibly mordris which are the endgame bosses, is another topic to be discussed at another time.
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