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Re: Whoever wanted to see xp charm!

Superman wrote:Does it stack with elixers?

As I stated earlier, the charm does not stack with exilars.
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Re: Whoever wanted to see xp charm!

well im sure there are more on each world. But the most player who owns them dont play anymore.
I dont want to think about what treasures are just hidden on old accounts. Many People stopped playing before Otherworld update, because it was a huge time nothing happend.

These item were also barely used before OW update, scince u has just one slot for jewellery and u needed a golden rejuv ammy (only chance of getting regeneation without sigils in halloween 011).

But u also need to keep in mind that 200k was ALOT more on halloween 2011 as its now. There is a HUGE inflatation in this game. In Halloween 2011 u could only get gold from dustwither catacombs and the mobs drops almost nothing (and gems was worth ALOT less).

In my opinion the coolest halloween charm was the 20 heat shield charm.

Re: Whoever wanted to see xp charm!

Anom wrote:But Many People stopped playing before Otherworld update, because it was a huge time nothing happend.

You guys still beleive the propoganda that people quit CH because it is too long between updates? Thats not why people quit. If it was the reason then people would be back after the update and play for another 6 months until it is too long between that update. This isn't the case. Most don't come back after the update and if they do they are back for days not months.

No, the real reason is they wake up to the fact that CH kinda sucks and it takes a vast amount of $$ to do well. They find better games that cost less to play.
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Re: Whoever wanted to see xp charm!

Feleon wrote:Im guessing the price tag on these is about 10m+

That is way too much, even if it is right that the charm actually gives a 100% bonus. 1 mill I could understand, but more than that doesn't make much sense IMO. 1 mill equals 250 super xp lixes at 4 k apiece, that will give you twice the xp of the charm (if it is 100% and not 20). That is 60 hours of lvling followed by 60 hours of boss hunting time, which will probably give you the 1 mill right back, for the same xp amount that 120 hours of lvlgrinding with the charm would give.

Dont get me wrong, i think the xp charm is dead cool, but its main benefit is for lower lvls who wouldnt use lixes for lvling, or for random gameplay xp besides lvling for higher lvls. That random xp is rather limited, and for lvl grinding a higher lvl will most likely use lixes anyway.

Given the misc charm drops in this summer event, that will bring back long awaited competition for the misc slot, I do not believe that the xp charm will reach insane prices far above 3 mill. (at todays "nominal" value that is, of course things could change if new top mounts or other lux gear in a later update was launched at 5 mill prices etc)

There are (luckily) players who play CH to play rather than to grind, and to those the xp charm would be very nice. But these players are probably exactly the players who will not bother to pay insane amounts for xp gains.
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