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Re: Mage tanks?

As a healer I see a huge difference when a mage is tanking versus a warrior tanking. With enough healers any class can tank. That doesn't make mages good tanks.

As for their DPS. IMO, Cloak+Wand+Fireball+Ice Shards+Lure give a pretty good dps.

I do agree tho that mages need to play a more vital role in boss fights. Atm the dps classes are more or less expendable.

On a side note: Why do mages and druids always insist on being tanks? If you want to be a tank, play a warrior. Classes are not only different concerning their skills and armor, but also their function, specifically in boss fights.
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Re: Mage tanks?

I insist on being a tank because why should a class be pinned to one rule when you if you do it right are capable of all. All classes have thier skills that assist in every rule they wish to play its all in how you set up your stats.

Idk why people are saying mages are left in the short hand and are alienated. When im pretty sure if you go to mages class forum richard states that the orbs of powers were specifically made for mages also im quite positive that some of the best mage wands are in the lux shop. Tell me what weapons are in lux shop for druid please cause i dont see any.

If i came off a bit sarcastic my bad if any take offence to my post let me now and i will remove as soon as possible.
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Re: Mage tanks?

Please don't talk about mages wands. Its a sore subject in my book. Mage wands do not do much. Visit my thread in the feedback section.
The orb of power was replaced by a regen item. If you want the armor go for a shield. If you want regen take the regen offhand. The orb is obsolete.
Druids can use the offhand and shields as well as mages.

Re: Mage tanks?

Orb has high resists. Pretty useful and cheap compared to everything else in lux shop. There's I think 2 mages capable of tanking in our world (WizardOnion, Chasetti), Chas uses E Shield, Boost, Well and some other stuff and he seems to do fine while onion is just alott vit.
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Re: Mage tanks?

i go with heaps of vit approach in tanking with my mage. i also have a lvl91 warrior set up as a tank but somehow. i have no idea why this is, they take the same mellee damage. no idea why. i didnt mean to become a tank it just happened. it works though. the druids in lugh dont seem to notice much difference. most of my points are in vit so that may help having alot of hp. i just end up tanking if the warrior tank dies then im next in line normally.

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