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Re: Recruiting: LUGH!

Voldemort wrote:
chaoslord1 wrote:Oh man, I just forgot, Vol- You-Know-Who is on Lugh. Shame Dumbledore isn't here. Or Harry.
Or try Expelliarmus

My brother is called Dumbledore and he's on Lugh so that's the reason why there's no havoc.

:o you converted dumbledore! :cry:

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Re: Recruiting: LUGH!

CH45E wrote:
Voldemort wrote:
CH45E wrote:No arena killers?

The last arena war/argument was about a month ago and it was dissolved within minutes.

Booooo. You're just asking for me to come over there

If only Chase could world xfer his character ;) :lol:
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Re: Recruiting: LUGH!

CHplayer wrote:That's probably why you need to cry for people to join on forums. Everyone left your world or got bored due to the big happy love and hug relationships.

Spice it up and cause some clan wars. It will give people a reason to play again

Reason why we don't do wars is becauase we'll urinate all over your weak world. You want war? I can give you one right here. Don't take Lugh so light with the kind hearted teamwork and all. There's always a dark side in every light.

Re: Recruiting: LUGH!

Hey I joined, started a druid. Cant see me levelling quickly though as my rogue on epona isn't that far from 190 so that comes first. Druid's name is DrHibbert like of the Simpsons.
Just realised i have spelled his name wrong in game it is DrHibbard like out of nothing.
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