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Shadowstrike vs quickstrike

Quickstrike: mobs/bosses have great resistance to it
10 second recharge i think
Str skill
A little more consistant numbers, but much less than it says usually

Shadowstrike: mobs/bosses have next to no resistance to this skill

12 second recharge
Dex skill
Random number damage, but consistant to what the stats say on the skills page

I think quickstrike should be boosted a tiny bit on mobs and bosses, because i have an 1800+ damage quickstrike doing 400-500 on mobs and bosses

Re: Shadowstrike vs quickstrike

Continuum wrote:
bpb wrote:I equipped both (maxed) and have been working well for me :D

drains your energy very quickly tho :?

I can manage the energy with the help of ancient bone armors... not to mention that the ancient bone gloves adds +300 quick strike damage.. :P
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