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Caption Competition Winners

When we released Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire we held a competition here on the forums.

The competition was to provide a caption for the image below:


We had hundreds of fantastic entries, and it was a difficult task to choose some winners.

All the winners have now been contacted via PM on the forums, so check your messages to see if you have won!

As there were quite a few winners we're not going to post them all here, however these were just a few of our favourite captions.

RogerRanger - A pirate, a king and a fairy walk into a bar…
Pestillence - "I once was a bartender like you, until Aggragoth fired me"
Solarus - 99 bottles of mead on the wall, 99 bottles of mead. You take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of mead on the wall.
TheLastMortal - "Ummm why are you holding a burning stick in a wooden tavern...?"
Regenleif - Tar éis lá fada d'obair a thagann lá fada ar chuid eile

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the competition, and congratulations to all the winners!
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Re: Caption Competition Winners

Community (Luthias) wrote:
xvanguardx wrote:
PuppetMaster wrote:Whats the prize?

1 Maclir chest :)

Because of the high-quality of the winning captions we've decided to award 3 MacLir's Chests as a prize.

Lol result!

Hope they're a different kind of Maclir's chest, that i can sit on and fly around :lol:.
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