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No, I'm good. I spent the platinum. My dad is a mechanic and they had just got back from a cruise so my dad assumed they spent a lot of money on the cruise (which they did). We still have food and everything. My dad has been getting customers to pick up their fixed cars and everything. I don't mean fixed as in what the Mods assume they are doing to Celtic Heroes... I mean FIXED!
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I agree with Shadow. We need stronger bosses! Even the new ice king after patch is easy for us to kill. He hits hard, yes. That means the only thing you have to do is find a warrior with lots of HP and 2 druids to heal.

Besides making the new bosses simply strong (I'd love a lvl 400 7*), I'd appreciate us having to make more effort then the usual "Tank - Druids - Sometimes Ranger". And the ranger isn't even really necessary. A few of my clan mates took down Falgren without a druid. I mean, come on.
I realize that some people were aaaalways complaining about how hard the stonevale bosses were/are. Unfortunately, those people don't make an effort to level and become better and find tactics to kill a boss.

I'd wish for a better AI on new bosses. Have the bosses switch aggro easily to druids, so that they need to use calm and tanks need to use taunt (I know of some tanks who don't use taunt at all...). Make it necessary for us to run around instead of just standing in one spot. For example, have bosses drop mines and give exclusively rangers the ability to detect and disarm them. Maybe have some people standing guard in front of a boss room and killing of mobs that would otherwise make the boss fight impossible. Have the bosses learn some of the tactics so you have to think of something new. (for example, we have the normal tank-druid-ranger trio now. Have the boss learn to attack the druid first, then ranger, then tank. So now, you have to think of a new way to approach the boss or need to put together other skills). Maybe give the bosses a wider range of skills. Have them change their skills according to their learning process. Have them use their skills more wisely (stonevale druids cast abundance when their health is half down...). I like how the new druids have some skills we don't have. Keep that going, be inventive.

I've mentioned it before, but fighting a boss in the dark would be pretty awesome. You could give rogues a see-in-the-dark ability that lets them see things for 30s with 1.5 min cool off time. You'd need to coordinate you whole team really well in order to successfully take down the boss. Especially when random mobs appear and attack you...

Another thing I'd like is if you have to fight two bosses at once. Say, they are fairly far apart from each other, but once you attack the one twin, the other one comes to help him. So you will always need two good teams to fight him. Make us run around in order to survive (they can't land hard hits when you move away). Like at the moment, skill hits follow you if you move out of the way. So theres no point in even moving since you are hit anyways. If running around the boss and meanwhile landing some hits would make a difference, you'd have to pay more attention to the fight. If that was implement, I would certainly want druid (and mage?) casting while running.

The harder those bosses become, the more necessary it would be to include some sort of teamspeak. Chatting should take way too much time and should be able to be turned off completely during boss fights. If someone whispers you it would be nice if they get a message saying that you're doing a boss. Something like that.

If you give classes their own specifics strengths and weaknesses (For example - Warrior: High armor, Druids: High magic resistance, Mages: High ice/cold resistance, Rogues: High Crush/Slash resistance and dps, Rangers: High piercing resistance and dps). Those strengths and weaknesses should be much more in depth then what I've mentioned, but you get the idea. With high magic resistance, druids could tank a high lvl boss, and maybe switch agro when they need to regenerate. It's nicer then being limited to warrior tanks only.

Urgh... I'm done. :D
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Thanks for the contributions to this topic xell.

I love the idea of another boss coming for help. We could imagine some enormous hell dogs coming from quite far as soon as their masters is attacked.

Also fighting in the dark who be fun, even more in pvp. Imagine a ranger quite well hiden who target you, bolas u in the dark never stopping runing lol ? Could be fun.

I like the protectors. Currently ice king is protecteed by two stupid bling guys, that dont even see their boss beeing exterminated 3 meters from their spawn points. To prevent us doing the same (taking the boss from his original spawn point and far for protectors)... Just create many protectors around, even moving, with even more fast spawning rates. This would be hard !
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Loving these ideas from all. I like the protectors and even twin bosses. I'm all about boss killing as is shadow. We are in the same clan and run around like idiots waiting fir a boss spawn. Then BAM the boss is gone in minutes. A lvl 500 boss with lvl 100 mobs spawning constantly would be amazing. I like a challenge. Felgren can be killed with a warrior Mage and Druid. Way to easy.


Totally agree with the new area being super hard. Since updates with new areas and enemies are only coming once every few months it needs to keep us occupied until the next update after the one in early 2012. I want to still have to be leveling in this new area when the next update after it is up and online. This way you're always ahead of the game and no one gets bored. Always will be places to level and bosses to kill. Always have to watch your back for surrounding enemies or else you die. This would be very nice.

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