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Re: Nicest person in the game

I made a mistake the first time. Nicest player to me is would have to be Ythair from Crom. Has a lot to do with y i enjoy playing. Very nice and always respectful to me.
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Re: Nicest person in the game

i vote for 3 people
1. arhan (aka MrMage, MrArhan, arhan, arhan1 and atalay)
2 and 3. forestess and godo (aka godo, forestess, housecat and mumu)

arhan is turkish, he doesnt speak english well. the thing you will see of him saying in clan chat most is smileys, he is always in a good moob and keeps cheering me up. big ups for this guy who deserves more respect then some people give him.

godo and forestess are both awesome, even though godo doesnt speak english as well as forestess, he has a great personality to make up for it. they both are the nicest people i have seen, they refuse to ks, wont play dirty and always help whenever they can. i dont think ive heard a bad word from any of them both ever since ive known them.
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Re: Nicest person in the game

Would have to add greekdemigods and matthew25 of epona 2 hands down nice players. Yesterday greek left in the middle of her lix to come help at belly. Matthew 25 awhile ago when i was lvl 40 i asked what a quick way to lvl up was. He fast traveled to where i was and gave me 10 super combos and said here use these :)

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