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Re: Formulas!

How about this then:

N = the level you wish to get to. Y = the level you are currently.
Both the .6 and .3 values are recurring.
(16.6N^3 + 50N^2 + 433.3N) - (16.6Y^3 + 50Y^2 + 433.3Y) = The amount of exp required to go from level Y to Level N.

(16.6x180^3 + 50x180^2 + 433.3x180) = 98898000 exp is the amount of exp required to go from lvl 1 to lvl 180.
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Re: Formulas!

I could care less about xp amounts tbh, its all about dpm (damage per minute) and maxing it out with skill combo's + stats... That aint an easy one to calculate either, because of all the different variables that have to fit together...

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