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Different types of quests

Ive noticed that many of the quests you are rewarded either pltinum items,gold or a weapon. You should make hard quests for higher levels, that don't incorperate killing all the bosses but something more of like a puzzle type quest and make the rewards actual good and unique armor and weapons. Example:rangers armor piece could make them move faster but not golden boots fast, like inbetween the silver and golden boots/druid armor+staff damage to make leveling easier/weapon for mage-a set of damage priority spells which are useable with the given staff. Not neccesarily what i want as armor just examples or possibly ideas.

-Thanks, feedback is welcome!

Re: Different types of quests

Ooooo exclusive spells, gettin better. For pets i dont these to have a major role in the game just as a nice small makeshift bank to organize your inventory hold up to 30 items? As for other pets idk i really just want these to play a very minute role in the future of the game.

-thanks for the feedback

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