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Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

Yah I gotta agree with Debo on the "easier bosses" actually "harder". Perhaps this was the actual intent. Far less players are acquiring Warden armor, esp the weapons and chest armors. I didn't mind the 2000+ dmg the bosses did. Defeating them with a balanced and skilled team was pretty fun. Whereas a group of six was once able to take down the druid boss, it now takes a far stronger team of about 9 to effectively bring him down. No skill or talent required, just need to hope you interrupt his natures embrace spell enough times in a row that you manage to drop his health a bit, and also hope that during your 20-30 min battle that you don't lose half the team to a simultaneous game crash.

On a similar note, I believe I speak for everyone in that we'd rather see more disks drop than have more frequent boss spawns. Nothing is more disappointing after a hard won boss victory than receiving a single disc.

This is not to say I do not enjoy the game. You guys really made a lot of welcome improvements with the last patch & the Halloween Update is something really special. Thanks for all the new content and being so engaging with your players as well.

Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

Ya there needs to be more discs... We only have I think 3 on Morrigan and about 20 attempts. Each knees got a single disc if we managed to kill the thing. We were able to almost kill the Felfire with 5 level 70s and two 80s. Now we can't with about a dozen people... I'd rather the game be easier to level, if we could easily get up to 100 then after that it gets harder. As of now it's just too slow, I haven't gone leveling in a few weeks and I'm only level 73! I just get bored of it and I only have about a half hour a day so really it's just taking too long to put so much effort into leveling. I also can't buy platinum since I'm only a teen and I don't have the Luxary of making thousands of dollars a year.
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