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LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

As been stated on other threads, the bosses are nearly impossible to kill after these supposed 'fixes' to make easier.

Can everyone please post this same experience, as I know everyone in Taranis agrees with me. We went from killing all bosses with no potions/elixirs/ or idols to utter failure and massacre at the hands of Druid, unicorn, wisps, AND EVEN ATRISAL.

ATRISAL!!!! Seriously, he even 1 smacks everyone from across the whole bridge hes on. WTF?

Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

I solo every boss in celtic heroes.... they are not impossible. just to let you guys know.

Bone Giant- soloed- 8 times
Undead fire titan- soloed- 8 times.
Bloodbinder- soloed- 6 times.

these bosses are not impossible. Grind your way to a respectable level before attemping any boss runs.
IGN: Plato
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Level: 91
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World: Gwydion

Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

Plato wrote:I solo every boss in celtic heroes.... they are not impossible. just to let you guys know.

Bone Giant- soloed- 8 times
Undead fire titan- soloed- 8 times.
Bloodbinder- soloed- 6 times.

these bosses are not impossible. Grind your way to a respectable level before attemping any boss runs.

Omg, your a beast!! :)
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Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

You guys obviously dont understand what im saying at all. I dont care if you can solo a boss...thats funny i can too. Try soloing druid NOW. You in no way can outdmg his heal yourself, sorry.

I cld solo a boss in 2 hrs if i wanted, that is not my point.

Im talking about boss ranges compared to actual distance to the mob. And i have lvled all 5 chars past 50 with a 81 ranger 76 druid and warrior and have killed all bosses Previosly.

Please read the actual post and reply, not with i can solo so and so because i used 1000 pots.


Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

Plato is not a beast...just buys massive amounts of potions...
A "beast" would solo these bosses without useing pots...
And for the record...i dont have anything against plato...he can buy whatever he likes...i just choose to spend my money on women instead of video games...so gratz to plato for his accoplishments.
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Class: rogue
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Name: Epichealtime
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Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

I agree with daledo : we dont care you can solo undead skeleton level 90, dark vador level 200 or gargamel level 550.

by the way don't be too proud of your PAST levelling misses levels 90s tanks. You obviously played a lot before, when tan lins sword and elixir of knowledge potions were 4 multipliers or you played hundred hours to reach your levels alone because you have now other thing to do in the real world.

The XP awarded now is CLEARLY less than before, and all the mobs, even cata mobs or defectors are stronger. So people are not complaining about "mama dev killing is toooooo hard" but people are complaining because they are getting bored and push to spend money on elixirs, or some amulet to get 20% xp more, like i did for 300k FOR NOT CLEAR RESULTS. And if I did its because I can afford it.

I spend more than 90% people playing that game, but guess what i work and i have cash. But yesterday i saw the comment of a 13 years old guy, who dont even have enough to buy new slots. So what : "this game is not for you young poor man, come back in 15 years ???

I am level 85, warrior class. Now leveling up is simply BORING not impossible, but BORING.

This morning i spent my platinium on 4 elixirs of double times xp (because they are cheaper and more effective : 2 of them = 4 time xp after 30 min for 20 plat, instead of stupidly now spending 20 xp for a super elixir with 3 times xp for 15 min, that were before 4 times, but devs thought surely leveling was not boring enough and reduced them)

So before showing off "we are the strongest guys in the servers, i can solo whoever i want alone, so you low levels just shut up and spend hundred hours to reach our levels like we have done"... just think about all the new players, meaning 95% of the mass playing this game.

And moreover, if you want to show off, you need other players right ? But guess what, if all low levels players see even strong levelers like me always complaining and bored... People will leave this game.
If you, will still enjoy all the solo killing as a lonely wolf, this is not the case for everybody. this game is about sharing experiences, help each other, succeed some killing and quests with friends, with your clans. Your gaming experience is not the one people are looking for here, if it was the case most of them would simply buy single player video games and not bother killing unicors and plugging out thousands of feetlecap mushrooms to get cash in this virtual world.

There is no fire without smoke. People are not enjoying anymore, they are bored and revolted.

So don't be sellfish old grandpas levelers from an old age where kills where easy and xp won also very easily. a new level 90s in a few months will have deserved his level more than you do now, so again don't show off about your present status and better be discreet about it.

But maybe I am completly wrong... and you leveled all the way to 90s only fighting in croockback cave... But guess what, not everybody is crazy as you are and want to spend hours killing mobs to level up ALONE.

And whats the point to level up, when devs constantly make mobs and bosses stronger ???? We dont even know the stats of our enemies !!!!! What are their attack stats, the defense, their hp ??? Nothing is clear.

Bosses are clearly still too hard for most of the players who are stucked after level 70 and finished all the easy quests. They have no choices but to level up by killing BILLIONS of mob, and its not playing, its call BOREPLAYING.

You can maybe ask the dev to create a special server for showing off levelers like you, with extremely strong mobs. You will have the chance to enjoy starting up all over again with impossible wolves to kill in lear reach, but maybe after reaching level 255 by killing scrawny wolves, you will be able to kill one alpha snarl and get rewarded 2 gold and a tooth, then cry tears of joy !

But again don't just be selfish and show off just because you are presently ALREADY SAFELY 90s levels. Maybe changes made are suitale for you, but you only represent less than 1% of the players of celtic heroes. So step out of this thread so low levels like me and my brothers can truly say the feedback we are experiencing to the devs :

WE ARE BORED TO KILLS BILLIONS OF MOBS ! Either lower again far more the stonevale bosses, either create a lot of intermediate level bosses... so we can spend our time fighting and not leveling. It is in fact simple ! WE WANT TO FIGHT REAL ENNEMIES, Not low boring wisps, and do not want to be exterminated by crazy impossible bosses.
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Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

I agree with all of your points.

My biggest complaint now is my clan killed every stonevale boss before haloween patch, with NO PotS ( to so call make them easier), and now we cannot kill any without spending plat.

So if the devs can make a patch to " make bosses easier" and subsequently make them harder (without realizing it themselves) , then can any of their changes really be taken seriously.

Something is wrong here, as you devs had the opposite effect you stated to be going for.

I will take the old prepatch "harder" boss versions over current anyday. So please make the stonevale bisses " harder again, please!

Re: LATEST BOSS "FIXES" --- Laughable

well said!! i did a post on here about stonevale bosses are harder now and admin say they made them easier!! i thought it was just me that thinks they are harder not easier its gettin now as if players dont even wanna try because they know we will fail its soo damn frustratin! so like the others hav said im left to lvlin on druids a very long slow BORIN game it is turnin out to b im not askin for bosses to become a walk in the park,exactly the oposite,i enjoy the challenge of beatin a boss but now its just silly. ppl will bore of this and leave the game soon if this isnt changed and lets face it wat is a game without its players :evil:

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